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 Are You Going On Your First Date? Advice for the Younger Set  
By Michael Douglas

Dating has become an integral part of growing up. It is an exciting and novel experience in a girl's life, who wants her first date to be a memorable day. To make it so, and a pleasant experience, keep the following tips in mind.

* Dress up Nicely

Obviously, if you are going on a date, you should fish out the best outfit from your wardrobe to look your best. The trick here is to dress nicely and comfortably. You should go for the dress that fits well and looks good on you. Too much experimentation on this day is not a good idea. The tried and tested one is the best. Also, avoid the dress that has too much of a shocking value. It can send the wrong signals across, and can also hurt the sentiments of your date in case he belongs to the conservative genre of males.

* Accessorize Appropriately

Take care of accessories that will complete the look. Don't wear too much jewelry. Choose pieces that will accentuate your personality and gel well with the dress. Carry a medium-sized handbag that will house your stuff, and wear comfortable footwear in case you would like talking while walking. Make-up should be minimal - too much can spoil the getup.

* Don't Forget to Carry Money

Remember, this is your first date. You never know how it could turn out. You might have to go Dutch with him. To save yourself from any embarrassment, carry some money.

* Go with an Open Mind

Don't have too many expectations on your first date. This will save you any disappointments. Your date can go beyond your expectations - or it can fall short of them. So, go with an open mind and enjoy the moment without delving into the future.

* Be Interesting Company

Try to ignite interest. Strike some light-hearted conversation that the two of you can enjoy. Say something that can make your date laugh. Ask for his interests and see if you can talk about them.

* Talk and Listen

Maintain a decent balance between the two. Talk but don't jabber. That can be very distasteful. Let your date also air his views - and when he does so, you should be a patient and good listener. Listening leaves a lasting impression on the other person.

* Don't Carry any Emotional Baggage

Any bitterness or sadness should be left at home. Nobody is free of emotional baggage these days, but please be wise enough not to carry it on your date. If you take it to your date, not only will it show in your conversation, it will also endanger the future that you seek.

Emotional baggage also reflects the weaknesses of a person - and you do not like to come across as a weak person on your first date.

* Don't Talk About any Ex

Don't make this faux pas. You have gone on this date to enjoy the present and foresee a future. Talking about an ex can jeopardize both. It can also put your date in a very awkward situation. Also, remember not to ask about his ex.

* Appreciate Your Date

If you enjoyed the company of your date, appreciate the traits that appealed to you. This will make your date relax and like you.

* Express the Desire to Meet Again

If you liked the person and want to meet him again, say so. You can thank him for the lovely time and, at the time of the parting, you can say that you hope to meet him again.

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  Article added 02/02/07.

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