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 Exotic Lingerie for Romancing Your Valentine's Day Away  
Exotic lingerie rings so many bells in our sensual makeup. If it's exotic, there must be echoes of something strange, fascinating, scintillating and exclusive. Julian Pollock talks about the sensual side of silk and satin lingerie.

By Julian Pollock

Exotic lingerie rings so many bells in our sensual makeup. If it's exotic, there must be echoes of something strange, fascinating, scintillating and exclusive - not to mention thoroughly enjoyable.

The sensual side of exotic lingerie can best be expressed with fabrics like silk and satin. Silk is so soft and just slurps off the tongue with those sheer sensual sounds of satisfying delight. Satin lingerie similarly offers those exquisitely satiated overtones and undertones that come with over-indulgent enjoyment.

Of course, exotic garments are often used as a way of expressing your desire for fulfilling those naughty fantasies that so often cross our minds. So often the sexiest expressions are left unsaid, so our thoughts take full reign as we gallop, or canter if we can, towards those peaks of pleasure. The more exotic the lingerie, the less words one needs to speak. After all, revealing and scanty lingerie is more an expression and a gift for the eyes. Who needs to cover that up with words?

See-through lingerie often adds that exotic flavor and touch. Your 'banquet' may well be a delight to behold. For those so inclined, flimsy see-through lingerie adds the appropriate flavor. Then, in the exotic buffet of romance, many a chef will add copious amounts of piquant dressing. But it is only the master chef who knows how to blend that tantalizingly hidden underlying apparel with almost un-noticed glimpses of deeper layers of fermenting flavor, yet without fully revealing the full-proof potency of the recipe or of the menu to follow. That is the real aphrodisiac to the genuine gourmet of secret delights.

Exotically 'trashy' lingerie is great for those in the fast lane. If you are into fast foods, you may find that this so-called trashy lingerie is more to your taste. These packets of delight are easily torn open and quickly disposed of as you plunge into the real meat of the meal. But too much spicy speeding in the fast lane - and you end up with a sorry sense of heartburn. While it's fine to let your silky satin fantasies rip away the outer clothing, it's worth leaving that erotic lingerie in place for the dessert where all your wishes may just be fulfilled.

Most people would probably love silky satin lingerie which rewards you with a richly sensuous feel. Those shimmering surfaces are an eye-catching challenge that kindles the sparks of romance and quickly fans the flames. You may even consider buying matching satin sheets with their dazzling array of colors. This so-called 'warm in winter, cool in summer' fabric will enrich the passions while soothing the desires at the end of your perfect romantic evening. And you don't have to wait for Valentine's Day to lavish yourself with that special Valentine lingerie.

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Julian Pollock is a publisher of a number of websites. In particular, he is the editor and regular contributor to a website for obtaining silk and satin lingerie as well as Satin Sheets Online: http://www.satin-sheets-online.com. This site provides a variety of useful information on satin, silk and luxury bedding as well as pajamas and lingerie. He has also authored numerous ezine articles. Article Source: Advice 4 Daters - http://www.advice4daters.com

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